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Kimfo Ventures has created a model of Diversified Entrepreneurialism.

leveraging disruptive core technologies developed in-house in the fields of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to provide innovative solutions for enterprise businesses in a variety of commercial verticals.  

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Our Model


Kimfo Ventures brings together innovators, top-level technology talent, strategic partners, investors and experts to build cutting-edge technology-based enterprises with broad commercial applications. Our model creates effective investment diversification and mitigates risk, by spreading our capital among our different commercial verticals.

Our three pillared approach is rooted in our financial and entrepreneurial experience, as well as our deep connection and understanding of the Israeli start-up industry.

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Proven Business Methodology

Our proven model calls for effective & swift product market fit, technological adaptation and market validation.

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Great Talents

We bring together top-level entrepreneurs, developers and innovators, allowing us to be both nimble and lean while creating significant upside.

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Sophisticated Eco-System

Combining Israeli entrepreneurship with a “family office mentality” creates fiscally responsible innovation and diversified entrepreneurship, matching upside with practicality and short-term gain.

Kimfo Ventures Portfolio Companies

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Data assets make better decisions

We at CitiCo, focus in creating the next generation of energy efficiency. Together with our customers we take the initiative to create a resourceful world and protect the wellbeing of people and earthWe at CitiCo, focus in creating the next generation of energy efficiency.

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Kimfo Ventures is an affiliate of Kimfo Family Office.

For almost two decades, families around the world have been turning to KIMFO Family Office. Our goal as a multifamily office is to preserve and increase the value of your family’s assets and fulfill your specific succession requirements. We ensure that you maintain control over your wealth and assets.

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